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positive thinking leads to positive outcomes

We met, and we talked, and it was epic.


when the heck did calling someone skinny become a compliment?? you wanna compliment me?? tell me I’m strong, tell me I’m intelligent, tell me you like my taste in music. do not dare tell me I’m skinny and expect me to thank you. I am worth so much more than that.


Fun Psychology facts here!

Happiness may come tomorrow, but don’t rely on that. Get on your road to happiness today and now. Don’t procrastinate happiness.”


society has literally conditioned us to hold our grades as a higher priority than our mental and physical wellbeing and if you dont think thats fucked up i dont know what is

Demi Lovato is my inspiration- Everyone goes through hard times, and I'm a teenage girl here to help support you through it. Don't forget that you aren't alone and if you ever want to talk to me, I would love to. I'm always here, remember <3

❀❀❀MY STORY❀❀❀
I showed signs of severe anxiety at a very young age. I have been suffering with it for about 12 years now. In middle school I was diagnosed with a serious concussion which later lead to continuous migraines. At that point, I couldn't get out of my house because I was so nervous about how I would feel. This created more problems for my anxiety, giving me many phobias as well. I have Emetophobia which used to often keep me out of school, but I have recently worked out a plan to stay for as long as possible. Emetophobia started me with anorexia as well but I'm getting better every day. Because of not being exposed to new things, I developed depression as well. I have had depression for about a year now and I now know that all of my thoughts are just in my head. I used to put my thoughts into action which put myself and my body in serious danger, but I know that life is important and I need to try my best to make it how it is supposed to be. This whole experience has taught me to not give up because it does get better, and life is worth it. Stay positive♥♥♥ S

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